Oscar Mandel

Collected Plays, Volumes One and Two

Collected Plays, Volume OneCollected Plays , Volume Two

Prospect Park Books
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Volume One ISBN 0-87775-000-0
Volume Two ISBN 0-87775-001-7
Original publication: Unicorn Press, 1970, 1972
211 + 204 pages
The hard cover set: $24.00
Single volume: $15.00

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The title of these two volumes notwithstanding, this is the earliest collection of the author’s plays. General Audax reappeared later in a deeply revised version as The Fall of Numantia, printed in Reinventions, while a revision of Island was published under the title The Summoning of Philoctetes in Philoctetes and the Fall of Troy.

In addition, the reader will find, in an appendix to The Virgin and the Unicorn: Four Plays, minor corrections for the following plays: Living Room With 6 Oppressions, Professor Snaffle’s Polypon, and Of Angels and Eskimos.