Oscar Mandel

Otherwise Fables

Otherwise Fables

Pasadena, California: Prospect  Park Books, 2014.
ISBN 978-1-938849-21-3
270 pages, $16.00

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Otherwise Fables Contents

CONTENTS: Gobble-Up Stories (revised and augmented edition). “The Tiger Who Became Humane,” “The Flattered Hippopotamus,” “The Lunatic Pigeon” and 44 other toothsome fables. Chi Po and the Sorcerer (deeply revised second edition). The Tao-scented tale of a lad who, guided by a lazy sorcerer, came to paint the immortal “Sparrow Swallowing a Worm”. The History of Sigismund, Prince of Poland (previously unpublished). A bloodily funny and strongly meaningful saga plucked from Calderón’s Life is a Dream.

“Otherwise Fables is not a book that will receive attention because it is new or edgy; it is, rather, refreshing because it is the type of delightful smart work that is ageless. And perhaps that will bring it the recognition it deserves.” Jewish Book World.