Oscar Mandel

Otherwise Poems

Otherwise Poems

Pasadena, California: Prospect Park Books, 2014.
ISBN 978-1-938849-55-8
139 pages, $16.00

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Praise for the Poetry of Oscar Mandel

“Mandel shows himself the master of wry wit and gentle self-abasement … [He] is a complete success doing what he knows he can do well.”
— Choice

“A shaper of fine arrowheads from fine bone-porcelain, Mandel writes from an acquired classical heritage and acrimoniously shuns the consolations of demo-romantic cant … Erudite, fastidious and unmerciful … The path of fear leads him towards wisdom. May his nights be full of music.”
— The Hudson Review

“Oscar Mandel’s verse is the wittiest comic oeuvre published during the thirty years he has been writing it.”
— Parnassus

“It took no more than three poems for me to see that here was something very special … He should have had three Pulitzer prizes by this time … One reads with wonder and admiration.”
— Guy Davenport

“I can report both present and remembered delight at [his] epigrams, which remain hard and sharp on several rereadings … The difficulty [Mandel’s verses] bespeak is that continuing one of the coexistence of irony and joy.”
— John Hollander

“The astoundingly versatile Oscar Mandel has written fiction, plays, criticism, translations, and (not least) unique and startling poems. He loves to surprise, refuses to obfuscate, pares away the fat from language and leaves, strong, gleaming bone.”
— X.J. Kennedy

“I’ve been reading … with much admiration and delight.”
— Howard Nemerov

“[These] are the kind of poems that should be published in the New Yorker.”
— James Schevill

“He’s diabolically succinct. Love him.”
— Vernon Young