Oscar Mandel

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In English

Poetry and about poetry

Otherwise Poems
Fundamentals of the Art of Poetry.

Dramatic Works

Collected Plays in two volumes.
Amphitryon (“Molière’s Amphitryon in a licentious translation by Oscar Mandel”).
The Kukkurrik Fables: 43 mini-dramas for all media.
The Virgin and the Unicorn: Four Plays.
Reinventions: Four Plays after Homer, Cervantes, Calderón and Marivaux.
The Summoning of Philoctetes: in the volume Philoctetes and the Fall of Troy.
Two Romantic Plays: The Spaniards in Denmark by Prosper Mérimée and The Rebels of Nantucket by Oscar Mandel.


Otherwise Fables Gobble-Up Stories (revised and augmented edition), Chi Po and the Sorcerer (revised edition), The History of Sigismund, Prince of Poland.
Chi Po and the Sorcerer: a Chinese Tale for Children and Philosophers: 1964 edition.
Gobble-Up Stories: 1966 edition.

Personal essays

The Book of Elaborations.

Themes in literature and art

A Definition of Tragedy.
Philoctetes and the Fall of Troy: Plays, Documents, Iconography, Interpretations.
The Theatre of Don Juan: a Collection of Plays and Views 1630-1963.


Five Comedies of Medieval France. With an historical introduction.
Thomas Corneille’s Ariadne, followed by an essay on French classical tragedy.
Seven Comedies by Marivaux.
Prosper Mérimée: Plays on Hispanic Themes. With critical essays and notes.
Ludwig Tieck: The Land of Upside Down. With a critical and biographical essay.
August von Kotzebue: the Comedy, the Man. With a biography and critical appraisal.
Other translations by the author can be found in Philoctetes and the Fall of Troy, The Theatre of Don Juan and Two Romantic Plays.

Art History

The Art of Alessandro Magnasco: an Essay in the Recovery of Meaning.
The Cheerfulness of Dutch Art: a Rescue Operation.

En français


L’Arc de Philoctète.
Le Triomphe d’Agamemnon.
Amphitryon, ou le cocu béni.
Théâtre dans un fauteuil: huit comédies et drames


Chi Po et le sorcier: conte chinois.
La Reine de Patagonie et son caniche: fables.


Cette guêpe me regarde de travers: poèmes en deux langues.


Comment faut-il jouer ‘Le Misanthrope’? De Sophocle à Brecht: Six études sur le théâtre
Etre ou ne pas être juif